22 May 2017

Updates: 23rd East West Kendo Tournament

This year’s East-West Tournament will see small teams of seven members fighting it out for the title of 23rd East-West Tournament Champion. 

Draw Results:
Short team - https://goo.gl/oTCE6E
Long team - https://goo.gl/FJkxWk
The 23rd East-West Tournament will be held on the 28th of May, at The Japanese School Changi Campus. Registration starts from 8.30am and closes at 9.00am. Gates will open from 8.15am onwards. Please wait outside till it’s time to enter.

For registration this Sunday, we would like all players in CHUKEN position to ensure that all your teammates are present before representing your team at the registration table. Should you confirm an absence, you will be required to inform the registration table as well. Individuals not playing in team matches should register your attendance for the long team match.

Parking will be limited on Sunday due to concurrent events that will be held at the school. You are recommended to take public transport. Drop offs and pick ups should be done right in front of the security office. Inform whoever is dropping you or picking you to not loiter around the school while waiting.

All the best!
Joyce Chia

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