01 February 2017

On training and supporting your local dojo

Guest post by SKC member Benjamin Au who is based in the USA currently.

  Perspective: Having traveled extensively and since coming to US, I realized that we Singapore Kenshis are a very lucky lot! Thanks to the great rapport that was forged by past and present SKC Presidents/Committees/Senseis, every year we get to have many famous high level FIK sensei/Hanshi visits/seminars to Singapore (not even Japanese dojos get this kind of visitations and support). We have great spacious dojo facilities with many talented senseis (local and foreign) available to train with/get coaching from and no need to travel far to attend training. Unlike here in US and many countries, resident Kenshis need to travel long distances at times just to attend trainings with senior senseis and attend seminars/tournaments. To add, most local dojos are small and not many local senseis (4 Dan and above) are available to coach and run weekly trainings.

 Message: To train regularly is supporting your local dojo. I would like to encourage Singapore Kenshis (especially beginners) to attend trainings regularly - you never have it so good. SKC members/affiliates to take full advantage of the training facilities to train regularly (you never have it so good). Foster healthy Sempai/Kohai relationships and support the SKC Committee regardless who the personalities are and politics. Every Committee (past and present) strived/strives to do well for SKC and did/are doing a great job! And lastly, strive to improve the standard of Singapore Kendo (no excuse, be the next ASEAN champions, win the HK Open Cup!) as Singapore has one of the best Kendo environment and conditions in the world!

 Last but not least, I miss Kendo in Singapore and my SKC friends/crowd. Can't wait for my next trip home and train with SKC!

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