01 September 2016

SKC Sub-Committee Initiative


 To follow up on what was announced during training, the Exco of 2016 is proposing an exciting new initiative that will allow members to contribute their talents to SKC – the Sub-Committee (“SubCom”)!

A great way to give back to the Kendo Community – that is the idea behind the SubCom! We are calling like-minded members of all grades – who would like to assist in facilitating the many activities that SKC conducts throughout the year. Some events include Gradings, Tournaments, 8-dan Sensei Kendo Seminars and the Annual Summer Camp!

This is a great avenue for members to develop themselves as they progress through the senior grades of Kendo. I.e. Learning how to run a tournament, organising food for 100 people, logistics for Seminars (Kendo is not just all about Suburi!!)

We have been able to run these events smoothly over the years, and we would like to continue improving upon them every year. We can't do that without you!

Listed below are the current SubCom groups that the Exco has decided to roll out:-

  • Beginners & Training:
Involved in overall training and beginner course activities

  • Tournament & Gradings:
Involved in the conduct of tournaments and grading activities

  • Events & Seminar:
Involved with proposal and conduct of club events and seminars (ie. Nittaidai visits, promotional events, Sensei seminars)

So if you feel like you could help make our events better, or just wish to help the club out:
Do get back to us through our official email or approach any of the friendly Exco & Co-opted members on your interest by end September.

We will be in touch!

P.S. While we understand that many people have concerns about the amount of time required to be part of the SubCom, we would like to assure you that overall, the commitment in terms of time and effort is dependent on the events and SubCom you belong to. On average, each SubCom will handle between 2-3 events each year.

Joyce Chia
Hon. Secretary

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