12 February 2016

Nittaidai Exchange Keiko - Final Schedule

Here is the final schedule for this Sunday!

Venue: SUTD Sports Hall 1 (directions and map)

09:00-10:00    Kids Keiko. Beginner and Intermediate Class Keiko.
10:00-10:30    Nittaidai Demonstration of Keiko
10:30-11:15    Seminar by Yagisawa sensei
11:15-12:00    Godo Keiko

12:00-15:00    Lunch and Break (Lunch venue: MPH level 2) 

15:00-16:00    Shiai Keiko (AKT members vs. NIttaidai Students)
16:00-17:00    Godo Keiko
19:00-21:00    Welcome Dinner Party at Kaori san's condo Function Room. Dress code: casual. 
                       Condo address: Double Bay Residences (19 Simei St 4, Singapore 529888)

Visiting Members
40 Kendo students (29 males, 11 females)
3 Professor/ Teachers
 - Yagisawa sensei - 8 Dan
 - Asada sensei - 7 Dan
 - Shinzato sensei - 6 Dan (14th WKC Individual 3rd place)

There are couple of things to take note of:
  • Please bring along your bokken and some stacks of newspapers. There will be activity involving newspapers during seminar
  • Morning keiko, jigeiko with Yagisawa sensei is strictly for sensei 5th dan and above. As this is also a rare opportunity for the sensei 
  • Afternoon jigeiko will be mawari keiko so that all members will have an opportunity to keiko with Yagisawa sensei
  • During lunch break, we require everyone's help to arrange tables and chairs at MPH Level 2. Lunch will be served at 12:30pm.
Lastly, all members are to be in gi and hakama and be ready by 9:15am. A short briefing session will be conducted by Suresh sensei at 9:20am.

*Those who have not submitted their seminar fee, kindly do so that day before the start of the seminar to Diyong.

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