06 January 2016

2016 Hatsu Keiko and Schedule

Happy New Year!!!

A quick update on 2016 schedule.

Hatsu keiko will begin this Sunday, Jan 10, at Changi dojo with the usual new year celebration. Please be at the dojo early to join in the celebration and commendation ceremony!

Wednesday and Friday training will resume next week at OCBC arena, Hall 4, 7-9pm.

2016 event schedule is out on SKC website, kindly take a look and start blocking your calendar! http://www.singaporekendo.org.sg/events.html

Nittai Dai (Nippon Sports Science University) is coming to Singapore for a cultural demonstration on Feb 11-16 and the kendo team has requested an exchange keiko with us on Feb 14. Those who are interested to join the keiko, kindly email me your interest by stating which sessions: morning, afternoon or both, that you are able to attend. Alternatively, if you are in the facebook group, you can respond to the poll. Please reply to either one before Jan 17.

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