19 November 2015

Results of Selection Trial for 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament Team Singapore 2016

This is the official announcement for the results selection trial of the Singapore Team(s) for next year’s 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament, Bangkok, 2016, conducted on Oct 8th and Nov 1st 2015. All applicants are to take note of the status of their selection through this announcement.

All selection results are final and no appeal for any applicant(s) is/are allowed.

All successful applicants are to take note of the final selection criteria and other matters, which will be explained at the first session. Please take note of all dates and announcements in regards to the 11th ASEAN Kendo Tournament 2016.

All successful applicants are to submit their updated contact details at the first session of 11th AKT preparation. The date is to be confirmed.

Please look out for further updates.

Singapore Kendo Club
National Sports Association
Controlling body of Kendo in Singapore

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