21 September 2015

SKC Summer Camp Review

You've put your best foot forward
Now it's time to put your feet up.

Here are some points to note from Senseis present that were shared during and after the camp:
- The camp highlighted opportunities for good interaction among all members (such as through keiko, or even sitting or eating together),  and such events should be attended by all.

- Zanshin has to be relevant to how the opponent reacts or to the opponent's position. eg. when we go through after striking, which direction do we turn?

- Seniors were observed to be good motodachi, giving helpful tips to the beginners and junior members. Please keep this up, but do try to limit your advice to just 1 or 2 short points.

- It was probably the first time everyone learned that Nuki Do could be done in a fashion similar to Kata 7.

- Specifically for non-bogu beginners, you will need to work more on your fumikomi.

- Specifically for new bogu beginners, some emphasis needs to be placed on ki-ken-tai-chi and also, smoother ashi sabaki. Secondly, please be reminded not to cross your hands after performing a Do strike.

- We hope that everyone was able to learn something from the shimpan seminar.

Memorable moment from the Balloon Fight on Day 3:
Photo courtesy of Joyce Chia.

The SKC Exco would like to thank everyone for supporting the SKC Summer Camp. Special thanks goes out to Isono sensei for conducting the Shimpan Seminar, all the Senseis who came down on each of the three days to assist, and finally, to Gelatissimo Singapore, for sponsoring the gelato treat during the BBQ.

Photos from the camp on Instagram (#sgkendocamp):

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