29 September 2015

Results: 14th Singapore National Kendo Championship

The 14th Singapore National Kendo Championship was held last Sunday, and saw 77 participants take part. Satoshi Isono sensei (7-dan) was the Chief Judge for the tournament.

Congratulations to all winners!

Womens Junior
Champion: Ng Xiao Hui

1st Runner-up: Yan Yan 
2nd Runner-up: Zhang Chen & Joyce Koh

Fighting Spirit Award: Soh Si Min, Bong Ee Min


Mens Junior
Champion: Eric Koh
1st Runner-up: Toh Hong Ren
2nd Runner-up: Yap Lin Jun & Tang Yu Long

Fighting Spirit Award: Ong Diyong, Lim Zheng Hui, Ian Tan, Loi Shou Jin


Womens Senior
Champion: Daphne Wong
1st Runner-up: Stella Wong
2nd Runner-up: Grace Lim & Tong Yuyan 

Fighting Spirit Award: Christina Soh, Tan Jiayi

Mens Senior 
Champion: Zafar Singham
1st Runner-up: Zhao Xuning
2nd Runner-up: Dax Quah & Sureshwaran K.

Fighting Spirit Award: Terry Lek, Christopher Ong, Gervinn Chan, Kenta Lo

We would like to express our gratitude to all senior kenshi who came to help out as shimpans even though they could not play. Thanks also goes out to Ong Jian Yuan who volunteered to run the tournament, the July 2015 SKC Beginners Class, Prom, Oliver and other volunteers for helping out as court officials. Special mention to NYPKC and NUSKK for helping out with event logistics.

All photos courtesy of guest photographer Mann Renzef. Thank you for taking such beautiful photos.
More event photos can be found in this album.

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