20 July 2015

21st East-West Tournament Groupings

This year's East-West tournament will see small teams of seven members duking it out for the title of 21st East-West Tournament Champions. 
Following the team draws on Sunday, the following are the confirmed team groupings:

East Teams 

West Teams

 The Play-offs:

The second portion of the tournament will see the East face off against the West in a large team match-up. There will be 27 matches this year!

The 21st East-West Tournament will be held on the 26th of July, at the Changi Dojo. Security will only open the gates at 8am, and players are expected to reach at 8.15-8.30 am.

For registration this Sunday, we would like all the players in SANSHO (三将) position to please ensure that all your teammates are present before representing your team at the registration table. Should you confirm an absence, you will be required to inform the registration table as well. Individuals not playing in the team matches should register your attendance for the long team match.

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