08 October 2014

Singapore-Malaysia Goodwill Tournament 2014

Higher causeway toll$ aren't getting in the way of the annual Singapore-Malaysia Goodwill Tournament! Around 30 people from the Malaysian Kendo Club will be participating this year. The events on both days (except shiai matches on Saturday) are open to all SKC members and affiliates. 

SKC members who wish to take part in the tournament on Sunday, please register with Alfred Wong and affliates to Suresh sensei. Please note that there will be a limit of 6 representatives per affiliate club for the tournament per se. However, all affiliated members are welcome to take part in the godo keiko on both days (for security reasons, please let your club president know should you be interested to attend). 

Please note that the venue for both days will be Changi Dojo.

The schedule is as follows:

18th Oct (Sat)
1 - 1.15pm: Arrival & venue preparation
2pm - 3.30pm : Warm-up and godo keiko
4pm - 5pm: Shiai matches for WKC members
7pm: Welcome Dinner @ 5-Star Hainanese Chicken Rice (East Coast Rd)- open to all

19th Oct (Sun)
8.15am: Reporting time for Goodwill Tournament Participants
8.45am: Opening of Tournament
9am: 5 member Team Category commences
10.30am: 5 member Team Semifinals
11am: 5 Member Team Finals
11.30am: Singapore vs Malaysia Goodwill Tournament Long Team Match
12.25pm: Prize giving / Closing of Goodwill Tournament
12.30pm: Godo Keiko
1.30pm: End of Godo Keiko
2.30pm: Lunch with Members of MKA

Thank you!

Tor Ching Li 
Hon. Secretary, SKC

Update: There will be NO participation fee for the tournament.

Update 2 (26 Nov): Photos of the event can be seen here.

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