01 September 2014

Kendo Demonstrations at Isetan-Miyazaki Fair (29-31 Aug '14)

Lining up for Sunday's demonstration (photo by Christopher Ong)
By the invitation of Tada Ryuzo sensei (6th Dan) from Miyazaki, SKC put up a number of Kendo demonstrations at Isetan Scotts in conjunction with the Isetan-Miyazaki Fair which ended 31 Aug 2014.

The fair brought many of Miyazaki's famous produces to our Singaporean shores, from chicken namban, black garlic, wagyu beef, to yuzu-flavoured soft-serve ice cream and even high fashion products by Riyoko Aman!

Most of the demonstrations were held around 2-3pm, under the hot sun at the concourse facing Orchard Road, barefeet! Kudos to all the volunteers who helped out in the three demonstrations!

Saturday's demonstration (photo by Seetoh Cheefung)
The audience got to practice on our kenshis (photo by Christopher Ong)

Kata demonstration (photo by Christopher Ong)

Friday's volunteers and supporters (photo from Tada Ryuzo)

A big thank you to our volunteers, and to Tada sensei who allowed us this opportunity:

Fri:  Shohtoku, Narita, Grace and Zafar sensei, with support from Sachi and Mrs Funamori.
Sat: Oliver, Kenta, Jiayi, along with Senseis Ishihara and Wada.
Sun: Messrs. Funamori, Inoue, Kaji and Kan.

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Or visit our webpage at http://www.singaporekendo.org.sg.
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