27 August 2014

Official SKC Zekken

From 24 Aug 2014, all members of Singapore Kendo Club should adhere to a new format for making new zekken. This follows the prior change where affiliate clubs have their club name at the top of the zekken.

The new format is as follows:

Top: Dojo (eg. SKC)
Middle: Surname in Chinese or Japanese kanji/katakana
Bottom: Surname in English

The graphic below may help illustrate better:

Courtesy of www.kendo-kids.com

The current format of having "Singapore" at the top shall continue for current and past members, but they should follow the new format should they wish to make a new zekken. The "Singapore" zekken shall henceforth be used primarily for official representatives of the country at overseas events.

Incidentally, zekken bearing the National flag shall only be worn by official representatives at the highest levels of Kendo representation,  for instance, at the World Kendo Championship events.

The SKC Exco

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