28 April 2017

23rd East West Kendo Tournament

Hello everyone, 
Are you ready for the East West Tournament? This is one of the most exciting events organized by SKC. Not only can everyone take part, regardless of grade (you'll need to wear bogu though), but you will have the opportunity to interact with many other kendokas from various other dojos in Singapore! Watch out also for the Long Team competition, where we divide representatives from Singapore into two large teams and let them duke it out to determine which side is stronger.

Registration is now open, more details below:
Tournament Date:
28 May 2017, Sunday 8am

The Japanese School, Changi Campus

Tournament Master:
Terry Lek

Tournament Category:
Short Team
Long Team

Registration e-Form URL:
SKC Members - https://goo.gl/bSrK2K
Affiliates - https://goo.gl/83MbVN

e-Form Submission Deadline:
SKC Members - 14 May 2017, Sunday 10am
Affiliates - 11 May 2017, Thursday 12pm (reason being their club representative will be assisting to consolidate and collect all the participation fees)

Payment Deadline:
14 May 2017, Sunday 10am

08 March 2017

Sumi Sensei's Seminar 2017

SKC was fortunate enough to host Masatake Sumi sensei (8-dan hanshi) over 4 days. During that time, Sumi sensei shared his teachings on several aspects of Kendo with us. The following is a summary of the seminar:

25 Feb: 
Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho

Emphasis on continuous zanshin. Move in to cut only when motodachi opens. All cuts use suri-ashi, not okuri-ashi (ie. no crossing over of feet).

Three key points for zanshin
  1. Kiai must be continuous
  2. Keep watching your opponent
  3. Maintain a stable and correct posture


During his seminar, Sumi sensei addressed the topic of Kakarigeiko. Our conventional understanding of kakarigeiko usually goes along the line of continuously attacking to the point of exhaustion, but Sumi sensei goes one step further and explains what every kenshi should be focusing on and thinking about while doing Kakarigeiko.

He also emphasizes proper tai-atari (not fist to face, but to bring your hands low so as to engage at a stable position). In fact he mentions this several times throughout the seminar, that our sparring partners are not our enemies and we should avoid doing things that could potentially endanger them. 

Points for kakarikeiko
  1. Focusing on opponent's mind
  2. Approaching not waiting, little by little
  3. Expending all your energy on an attack
  4. Zanshin, make a proper distance
  5. Don't stop single attack and single breath but keep up attacking in the same breath especially if opportunity continues to present itself/if you don't connect your attack.


Elements & conditions of striking

Tachiai, should have fighting spirit, but keep it within you (unlike Shiai, fighting spirit is more apparent). Invite, "please hit me", but press in. One minute to hit your best strikes.

26 Feb:


Waza practice

28 Feb:

Waza Practice


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Singapore Kendo Club for hosting Masatake Sumi sensei and providing this opportunity to learn from a Hachidan Hanshi. Thanks also to Carey Loy for additional notes, and to Joyce Chia and Grace Lim for the supplementary videos.

27 February 2017

Venue updates for March

Some updates with regards to training venue. Changi dojo is closed for school activities for about 2-3 weeks in the month of March. We have secured an alternative ground during those dates! Please see below.

 1 Mar (Wed)
SUTD Sports Complex Level 2, Dance Studio 8
7pm - 9pm

5 Mar (Sun)
Training as per normal at Changi Dojo

8 Mar (Wed)
SUTD Sports Complex Level 2, Dance Studio 8
7pm - 9pm

12 Mar (Sun)
SUTD Sports Complex Level 1, Indoor Sports Hall 2
9am - 1030am Japanese Kids and Beginners
1045am - 1230pm Kata + Bogu class

15 Mar (Wed)
SUTD Sports Complex Level 2, Dance Studio 8
7pm - 9pm

Wednesday's training ground is a little cosy but let's try to make the best out of it. Please pass the message around and feel free to contact me if you require any clarifications!


Joyce Chia
Hon. Secretary

17 February 2017

Ideal placement of your Men himo knot

If you aren't aware yet, this video by Shogun Kendo shares the ideal position of the men himo knot when you wear your Men. The ideal position is at the mid-point of the back of your head.

Video link

Important Points:
- Tie your men himo at the mid-point of the back of your head
- This will help ensure your men stays secure, without pulling the men-dare apart in the front.
- This also helps to keep your monomi (line of sight) in the correct position
- The length of your men himo should be no longer than 40cm from the knot

01 February 2017

On training and supporting your local dojo

Guest post by SKC member Benjamin Au who is based in the USA currently.

  Perspective: Having traveled extensively and since coming to US, I realized that we Singapore Kenshis are a very lucky lot! Thanks to the great rapport that was forged by past and present SKC Presidents/Committees/Senseis, every year we get to have many famous high level FIK sensei/Hanshi visits/seminars to Singapore (not even Japanese dojos get this kind of visitations and support). We have great spacious dojo facilities with many talented senseis (local and foreign) available to train with/get coaching from and no need to travel far to attend training. Unlike here in US and many countries, resident Kenshis need to travel long distances at times just to attend trainings with senior senseis and attend seminars/tournaments. To add, most local dojos are small and not many local senseis (4 Dan and above) are available to coach and run weekly trainings.

 Message: To train regularly is supporting your local dojo. I would like to encourage Singapore Kenshis (especially beginners) to attend trainings regularly - you never have it so good. SKC members/affiliates to take full advantage of the training facilities to train regularly (you never have it so good). Foster healthy Sempai/Kohai relationships and support the SKC Committee regardless who the personalities are and politics. Every Committee (past and present) strived/strives to do well for SKC and did/are doing a great job! And lastly, strive to improve the standard of Singapore Kendo (no excuse, be the next ASEAN champions, win the HK Open Cup!) as Singapore has one of the best Kendo environment and conditions in the world!

 Last but not least, I miss Kendo in Singapore and my SKC friends/crowd. Can't wait for my next trip home and train with SKC!

24 January 2017

January Announcement Update

Good afternoon!

Otsukare to everyone that attended last weekend's Inter-Club Tournament. Thank you NUSKK for hosting and doing such a great job.
A couple of announcements:

1) Please note that Thursday's training has resumed!

2) There will be no training this Sunday (29 Jan) as it's Chinese New Year! Please enjoy the time with your family and friends.

3) As shared by Eugene Chow Kaicho on Sunday, February is a month packed with events! Yagisawa sensei (8 Dan) together with Shinzato sensei (6 Dan) will be visiting Singapore with a group of 35 students from Nippon Sports University (one of the top kendo universities in Japan)! We have organised a full day event with them on the 11th Feb! There will be a seminar by Yagisawa sensei and yudanshas will have chance to shiai with the students! SKC Committee is pleased to share in the CNY Festivities, and in the spirit of giving back to the Singapore Kendo Community, we will be subsidising the participation fee for this seminar for SKC Members. Register your interest here https://goo.gl/F6PH9B by this Friday (27 Jan).


Joyce Chia

13 December 2016

Results: Year-end Grading 11 Dec 2016

SKC held the 2016 year-end grading on 11th December. The following are the results of passes, grouped according to club:        

Kindly check that your name and new grade are correct. Please drop us an email should there be any errors before 19 Dec 2016, 3pm. Changes to names notified after 19 Dec 2016 are subject to a reprint charge.

Thank you for your co-operation!

A big thank you to Tong Yuyan for organising the grading, Desmond Lye, Terry Lek, Douglas Tjong, Christina Soh Baoyi, Lim Yixin, Zhao Xuning, Eric Koh, Oliver Ng, Sida Huang and Huang Jianyuan for helping out and to the senseis who took their time off to be on the judging panel in last Sunday's grading.