17 February 2017

Ideal placement of your Men himo knot

If you aren't aware yet, this video by Shogun Kendo shares the ideal position of the men himo knot when you wear your Men. The ideal position is at the mid-point of the back of your head.

Video link

Important Points:
- Tie your men himo at the mid-point of the back of your head
- This will help ensure your men stays secure, without pulling the men-dare apart in the front.
- This also helps to keep your monomi (line of sight) in the correct position
- The length of your men himo should be no longer than 40cm from the knot

01 February 2017

On training and supporting your local dojo

Guest post by SKC member Benjamin Au who is based in the USA currently.

  Perspective: Having traveled extensively and since coming to US, I realized that we Singapore Kenshis are a very lucky lot! Thanks to the great rapport that was forged by past and present SKC Presidents/Committees/Senseis, every year we get to have many famous high level FIK sensei/Hanshi visits/seminars to Singapore (not even Japanese dojos get this kind of visitations and support). We have great spacious dojo facilities with many talented senseis (local and foreign) available to train with/get coaching from and no need to travel far to attend training. Unlike here in US and many countries, resident Kenshis need to travel long distances at times just to attend trainings with senior senseis and attend seminars/tournaments. To add, most local dojos are small and not many local senseis (4 Dan and above) are available to coach and run weekly trainings.

 Message: To train regularly is supporting your local dojo. I would like to encourage Singapore Kenshis (especially beginners) to attend trainings regularly - you never have it so good. SKC members/affiliates to take full advantage of the training facilities to train regularly (you never have it so good). Foster healthy Sempai/Kohai relationships and support the SKC Committee regardless who the personalities are and politics. Every Committee (past and present) strived/strives to do well for SKC and did/are doing a great job! And lastly, strive to improve the standard of Singapore Kendo (no excuse, be the next ASEAN champions, win the HK Open Cup!) as Singapore has one of the best Kendo environment and conditions in the world!

 Last but not least, I miss Kendo in Singapore and my SKC friends/crowd. Can't wait for my next trip home and train with SKC!

24 January 2017

January Announcement Update

Good afternoon!

Otsukare to everyone that attended last weekend's Inter-Club Tournament. Thank you NUSKK for hosting and doing such a great job.
A couple of announcements:

1) Please note that Thursday's training has resumed!

2) There will be no training this Sunday (29 Jan) as it's Chinese New Year! Please enjoy the time with your family and friends.

3) As shared by Eugene Chow Kaicho on Sunday, February is a month packed with events! Yagisawa sensei (8 Dan) together with Shinzato sensei (6 Dan) will be visiting Singapore with a group of 35 students from Nippon Sports University (one of the top kendo universities in Japan)! We have organised a full day event with them on the 11th Feb! There will be a seminar by Yagisawa sensei and yudanshas will have chance to shiai with the students! SKC Committee is pleased to share in the CNY Festivities, and in the spirit of giving back to the Singapore Kendo Community, we will be subsidising the participation fee for this seminar for SKC Members. Register your interest here https://goo.gl/F6PH9B by this Friday (27 Jan).


Joyce Chia

13 December 2016

Results: Year-end Grading 11 Dec 2016

SKC held the 2016 year-end grading on 11th December. The following are the results of passes, grouped according to club:        

Kindly check that your name and new grade are correct. Please drop us an email should there be any errors before 19 Dec 2016, 3pm. Changes to names notified after 19 Dec 2016 are subject to a reprint charge.

Thank you for your co-operation!

A big thank you to Tong Yuyan for organising the grading, Desmond Lye, Terry Lek, Douglas Tjong, Christina Soh Baoyi, Lim Yixin, Zhao Xuning, Eric Koh, Oliver Ng, Sida Huang and Huang Jianyuan for helping out and to the senseis who took their time off to be on the judging panel in last Sunday's grading.

25 November 2016

Japanese Kids Shiai

On 30th October 2016, there was a tournament organized for the Japanese children of our community. There were four categories and a total of 36 players took part. The event was held at the gymnasium of the Japanese Secondary School.

We look forward to more such events in future, where children (of all nationalities) will be able to take part and enjoy.
Here are the results:
Junior high school students
Winner: Sakurako Izumi
1st runner up: Suzu Wada
Joint second runner up: Shintaro Noda & Kaede Namai

Elder primary school students 
Winner: Sohma Seto
1st runner up: Arata Takeuchi
Joint 2nd runner up: Shuntaro Sakai & Yoshino Hasegawa

Young primary school students
Winner: Tadahiro Nishiguchi
1st runner up: Wada Adachi
Joint 2nd runner up: Shotaro Koyama & Keiji Hasegawa

Winner: Aika Seito
1st runner up: Yoshihiro Sugiyama
Joint 2nd runner up: Hiroki Goto & Isshin Sonoda
 For more photos of the event, please follow this link.

11 November 2016

Updates - 11 November

Good afternoon! Here are a few announcements to share with everyone:

1. Changi Dojo Closure 
Changi Dojo will be closed on 20 Nov 2016 (Sun) due to school activities.

2. Year End Grading 
Registration is now open!
Date: 11 Dec 2016
Venue: Changi Dojo
Please download the relevant form and submit it together with payment to Mr Desmond Lye. Affiliates, please submit it to your club representative. An email has just been sent to your club president.
Registration deadline: 27 Nov 2016 (Sun), 1pm.
- Members Dan application form
- Members Kyu application form
- Affiliated members application form
- Non-affiliate members and Overseas applicants form (Overseas applicants please submit the form via email to SKC).

3. 28th Lim Kwa Chwee Memorial Tournament 
Registration is now open!
Date: 18 Dec 2016
Venue: Changi Dojo
Download application form here and submit together with payment to Mr Terry Lek. Affiliates, please submit it to your club representative. An email has just been sent to your club president.
Registration deadline: 27 Nov 2016 (Sun), 1pm.

4. 17th Hong Kong Asian Open Championships 2017
Hong Kong Kendo Association has invited SKC to participate in the 17th Hong Kong Asian Open Championships 2017. First come first served basis as slots are limited. Register your interest here.
Registration deadline: 2 Dec 2016 (Fri), 12pm.

5. UTS Kendo Seminar & Competition (recap)
UTS Kendo Club (in Sydney Australia) has invited SKC to participate in a 3 day seminar hosted by Hanshi Hachi Dan senseis, Toru Kamei sensei and Kazuo Furukawa sensei.
Register your interest here.
Registration deadline: 25 Nov 2016 (Fri), 12pm.

6. ICT Training (recap) 
Shout out to all SKC 2nd dan and below bogu members! An additional training has been arranged to prepare ourselves better for the InterClub Tournament (ICT) next year.
Register your interest here.


Joyce Chia
Hon. Secretary SKC

12 October 2016

Singapore-Malaysia Goodwill Tournament 2016 Updates

Good morning!
I am pleased to share information regarding this weekend's Goodwill Tournament.
Godo Keiko - 15 Oct 2016 (Sat)
Venue: OCBC Arena Hall 3's Netball Court
Address: 5 Stadium Drive (https://goo.gl/maps/PX9qNVJnn712)
Time: 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Tournament - 16 Oct 2016 (Sun)
Venue: The Japanese School Changi Campus
Address: 11 Upper Changi Road North (https://goo.gl/maps/TeT9ZEmnaWQ2)
Time: 9.10am registration begins, 9.30am tournament begins
5-member team elimination match, and long team match. Each match will be 3 minutes long.
Important Note:
Changi school gates will only open from 8.45am. Please wait outside the gates if you arrive earlier. If you are taking taxi, please stop at the main entrance and sign in at the security counter. As there will be multiple events happening in the school on 16 Oct 2016, the school has requested that we do not buy drinks from the vending machines and please throw all trash outside of the school.
Lunch - 16 Oct 2016 (Sun)
Venue: Five Star Hainanese Cuisine
Address: 191 East Coast Road (https://goo.gl/maps/qndYjs6WdtL2)
Time: 2pm
Lunch will be at own cost. Budget is expected to be $20-$25.
Joyce Chia
Hon. Secretary